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With a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction, I express sincere thanks to the participants of the National Workshop and through them to their international, national, state, district, block and village level organisations, without whose participation and help the organisation of national workshop would have not been possible. The names of the participants are given in appendix 'D'.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Prof. Murli Manohar Joshi, Hon'ble Minister, MHRD, Shri M.K. Kaw, Education Secretary, Shri K.S. Sarma, Additional Secretary, Shri M.M. Jha, Joint Secretary, and Smt. Sonali Kumar, Director, MHRD and Ms. Maria Malevri of UNESCO who spared their valuable time to guide the deliberations of the Workshop.

Organising a national workshop which includes many activities, in itself, is a difficult task. This difficult task had been made easy by my colleagues, Mr. V.J. Williams, Shri S.S. Gill, Shri R.K. Arya, and Shri S.K. Misra. Their teams of committed colleagues deserve our thanks. The names are given in appendix 'B'.

Academic aspect of workshop is the focus of all activities. The work went on well with the cooperation of my committed and sincere colleagues in the Academic Dept. I am thankful to the chairpersons, rapporteurs, group leaders and paper contributors who were the pivots of the Workshop. My team from Academic Department burnt midnight oil to make the national workshop a success. The names of the repporteurs are given in Appendix 'C'. I am, indeed indebted to them for their best efforts in making the national workshop, a landmark in the implementation of Open Basic Education.

To thank Prof. N.K. Ambasht, Chairman, NOS for his inspiration, motivation, vision and direction would be to thank ourself. The workshop was, as much as, his affair as anybody else's. Right from the day he took over as Chairman, NOS, the work on UNESCO sponsored project began actively with a unique force and dynamism. It has been a continuous effort on his part to see that everything went on well. He very kindly agreed to direct the Project and the National Workshop. If it has been a success, the entire credit goes to him.

It is hoped, that those who are in any way concerned with the implementation of Open Basic Education Programme would kindly try to see that the recommendations made in this workshop are implemented. I take this opportunity to thank them in advance.

I am also thankful to the NCERT for providing venue and other facilities for organising the workshop.

My sincere thanks are to my colleagues Shri Satya Narain, Shri J.L. Sehgal, Mrs Rashmi Kumar, Shri N.K. Mandal, Shri Saket Kumar and Smt. Preeti Srivastava and others who are associated with the activities of Open Basic & Elementary Education in NOS.

The last but not the least, Dr. H.L. Sharma deserves my most sincere thanks who took over himself to complete the work envisaged in the UNESCO sponsored Project so efficiently within a very short period. But for his academic inputs and coordination provided to me and to the Chairman, this workshop could not have been such a success.

If there has been any inconvenience caused to the participants of the workshop or the shortfall in organising the workshop, I am alone to be blamed and I seek their forgiveness. The credit of making the national workshop successful goes to one and the all who have been associated with this task.

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