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Biogas Energy Technician (Code 254)


The popularization of biogas has produced beneficial effects on exploration of energy, fertilizers and improvement of hygiene, farming and ecological environment. In India, we have more than one million biogas plants in rural areas, and every year we add thirty to forty thousand plants. There is a need for a large number of biogas technicians capable of installation and maintenance of these plants in the rural areas.


After the completion of the course the students will be able to:
Understand process of generation of biogas;
Know optimum conditions for biogas production;
Select proper size and design of biogas plant and to construct a biogas plant.
Perform testing of biogas plants;
Identify and locate the problems in biogas plants and repair them;
Know the post production treatment of slurry and its application.

Job Oppurtunities

Pass outs of this course can get both self and waged employment. Various nodal agencies set up in States, Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Voluntary Agencies, State Biogas Directorates employ technicians. There is also quite good scope for self employment in this sector.

Course Duration

One Year

Scheme of Study

Theory - 30%, Practical - 70%

Course Content

Biogas Generation Process:

Composition of Biogas and Slurry, Raw materials for Biogas generation, Chemistry of Fermentation and Condition for Optimum Biogas.


Selection and Construction of Domestic Biogas Plants.

Types of Biogas plants:

KVIC Floating drum type, Janata Biogas plant (Fixed Dome type Biogas plant), Deenbandhu Biogas Plant (Fixed Dome type biogas plant),
Selection of size - Availability of total Bio-degradable material, Consumption of Biogas
Selection of type of Biogas plant, Selection of site, construction of Biogas plant

Testing of Biogas Plant

Checking and Testing of Biogas Plants, Leakage test for gas outlet, Testing for leakage in gas pipe line fitting.

Fault Finding and Repair of Biogas Plants

Identification of causes and repair of faults in Bio-gas plants, Crack in digester wall, Leakage of gas, Accumulation of water in the pipe, No gas at stove, Small flames in burner, Pulsating flame, Reduced gas production, Preventive maintenance of Biogas Plants
Utilisation of Biogas and Slurry

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