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Catering Management (Code 357)


It is becoming common for people to go out for a dinner or a snack. The roadsides are dotted by dhabas serving hot, wholesome meals. In order to cater to this growing business of catering, it becomes essential to have trained personnel who understand food science and the importance of maintaining hygiene in places where food is prepared and Served.


After going through this course, you will be able to:
familarise with the basics of food science;
impress upon them the importance of hygiene;
acquaint with the various service styles;
set up and manage your own catering unit.

Job Oppurtunities

Self employment: i) as a restuarant owner, ii) as a dhaba owner, iii) supplier of packed (dhaba) meals
Wage employment: as a worker in a catering unit

Course Duration

One Year. The credit can be transfered against any one academic couse.

Scheme of study

Theory - 40%, Practical - 60%

Entry level Qualifications

Education : Class X pass

Scheme of Evaluation

Internal assessment : NA
External examination
Total Marks - 100

Passing criteria

Separate Pass 33% each in Theory and Practical

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