Play Centre Management (Code 359)


Good childcare facilities for young, non school going children has become a must as more and more young mothers have started working. Such facilities not only take physical care of the children but also look after the mental or cognitive needs of the children under their care. Hence there is a great need to develop trained personnel to run such play centres.


After going through this course the student will be able to:
Develop an understanding of development of a child;
Have knowledge of nutritional needs of children;
Develop an understanding of creative needs of children;
Develop entreprenurial skill in setting up and running a child care centre.

Job Oppurtunities

1. Self employment: As a play centre owner
2. Wage employment: As a worker in centres like balwadi, angawadi, etc.

Entry Qualification

Education : Class X pass

Course Duration

One Year. The credit can be transfered against any one academic course.

Scheme of study

Theory - 40%, Practical - 60%

Scheme of Evaluation

Internal assessment: NA
External examination % Age Marks
1. Theory 40
2. Practical 60

Passing Criteria

Separate Pass 33% marks in Theory and Practical

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