Soil and Fertilizer Management (Code 362)


Soil is an important natural resource which forms a basis for agriculture. For efficient management of this soil, fundamental knowledge about soil, its behavior and its influence on crop growth is required. Plants require nutrient for their successful growth. The essential plant nutrients and their major role in the growth and development of plants are described in order to identify the principal factor limiting the crop production. Fertilizers and manures are used to supply plant nutrients. It is very important to learn about fertilizers and manures, since they are not only important in agriculture but also in environmental safety.


After going through this course, you will be able to:
Know the process of soil formation, different types of soils, properties, and related problems.
To know the role of nutrients and fertilizers and the effect on soil and crops.
To determine and detect the soil problems.

Job Oppurtunities

1. Self employment: As soil tester 2. Wage employment: Work in any soil testing lab.

Entry Qualification

Education : Class X pass

Course Duration

One Year.

Scheme of study

Theory - 40%, Practical - 60%

Passing Criteria

Separate Pass 33% marks in Theory and Practical

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