NIOS Theory Examinations (March-April 2020) rescheduled from 17 July 2020 Stands Postponed .Newgood || NIOS Practical Examinations rescheduled from 2nd July upto 10th July 2020 Stands Postponed .Newgood

On Line Courses offered under Vocational Education Programme

S.No. Course Code Name of The Course

NSQF Compliance Course

1 640 Beauty Therapy Theory (4209 KB) PDF File Opens in a new window

Beauty Therapy Practical (1071 KB) PDF File Opens in a new window

2. 650 Beekeeping Theory (English) PDF File Opens in a new window Hindi PDF File Opens in a new window

Beekeeping Practical (English) PDF File Opens in a new window

3 642 Hand and Foot Care Theory (3425 KB) PDF File Opens in a new window

Hand and Foot Care Practical (220 KB) PDF File Opens in a new window

4 652 Paddy Farming Theory (English) PDF File Opens in a new window  Hindi PDF File Opens in a new window 

Paddy Farming Practical (449 KB)  Opens in a new window PDF File 

5.  660 Web Development  -Theory  PDF File Opens in a new window
Web Development -Practcal  PDF File Opens in a new window
6.  661 CRM Domestic Voice -Theory  PDF File Opens in a new window
CRM Domestic Voice -Practcal  PDF File Opens in a new window
7.  663  Computer Hardware Assembly and Maintenance -Theory  ZIP File
8.  641

Hair Care and Style NSQF Level -3 ZIP File English

Hair Care and Style NSQF Level -3 Practical Manual ZIP File English

Handloom Weaving Course

1. 668 Fibre to Fabric  PDF FileEng    PDF FileHindi
2. 669 Handloom Weaving  PDF FileEng    PDF File  Hindi
3. 670 Design Development  PDF FileEng   PDF FileHindi
4. 671 Dyeing and Printing  PDF FileEng  PDF File Hindi
5. 672 Entrepreneurship for Handloom Weavers PDF FileEng  PDF FileHindi

Other Course

1. 612 Beauty Culture and Hair Care 

Beauty Culture and Hair Care (Practical) ZIP File

    Beauty Culture and Hair Care (Theory) ZIP File English  ZIP File Hindi
3. 352

कृषि उत्पादन  के लिए जल  प्रबध (हिन्दी) ZIP File

Water Management for Crop Production ZIP File English

Water Management for Crop Production 
4. 353  शुक्ति मशरूम उत्पादन   ZIP File
5. 251 Jute Utpadan Technology ZIP File
6. 605/606  705-706 Cutting Tailoring & Dress Making ZIP File English  ZIP File Urdu
7. 363

Preservation of Fruit and Vegetables ZIP File English

 फल एव सब्जियों के परीक्षण   ZIP File Hindi  ZIP File Urdu

8. 462 Dress Designing  (मॉड्यूल)  बच्चो के परिधान ZIP File  Hindi ZIP FileEnglish
9. 461 Dress Designing  (मॉड्यूल) मूलभूत  (सिलाई कौशल) ZIP File Hindi ZIP File English
10. 464 Dress Designing (मॉड्यूल) पुरूषो की परिधान ZIP File Hindi ZIP File  English
11 257-I Welding Technology ZIP File English  ZIP File Hindi
12 257-I & II Welding Technology 257 (1 -2) ZIP File
13 709/710

Refrigration And Airconditioning ZIP File Eng

प्र्शीतल एव वातानुकूलन   ZIP File Hindi

14 623/723 Four Wheeler Mechanism (English) ZIP File Urdu ZIP File
15. 624/724

Four Wheeler Mechanism ZIP File English  ZIP File Urdu

मोटर वाहन  इंजिन यंत्रिकी (हिन्दी) ZIP File

16. 439/440/441

Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (Eng) ZIP File  Hindi  ZIP File Urdu ZIP File

17. 452-455

Basic Rural Technology Practical (Manual) (English) ZIP File (Hindi) ZIP File

Basic Rural Technology 
18. 603,604,703,704 Radio & T.V Technician (English)  ZIP File  Hindi ZIP File
19. 629 Welding and Metal Fabrication (Hindi) ZIP File
20. 614 Certificate in Yog (Hindi) ZIP File
21. 666 PanchKarma Assistant  ZIP File English ZIP File Hindi
22. 631 Certificate in Computer and office Applications   ZIP File English 
23. 445  मूलभूत जीव विज्ञान (भाग -1) ZIP File
24. 446  व्र्द्धावस्था  के पहलू (भाग -2) ZIP File
25. 447  ्र्द्धाजनो के समान्य देखभाल ओर विशेष (भाग -3)ZIP File
26. 448 व्र्द्धा जनो के योग (भाग -4) ZIP File
27. 416 Certificate in Toy Making & Joyful Learning(English) ZIP File Hindi ZIP File
. 417 Certificate in Toy Making & Joyful Learning(English) ZIP File Hindi ZIP File
. 418 Certificate in Toy Making & Joyful Learning(English) ZIP File Hindi  ZIP File
. 416,417,418 Certificate in Toy Making & Joyful Learning (Practical Manual )(English) ZIP File
28. 218 Typewriting (English) PDF FileEng 
29.  253

Solar Energy Technician  ZIP File English

Sor Urja  TechnicianPDF File  Hindi

30.  254  Bio gas Urja Technisian ZIP File Hindi ZIP File  English 
31. 355  Electro- Plating ZIP File Hindi   ZIP File English
32. 451  Community_Health ZIP File
33. 611  Plumbing and Senitation ZIP File Hindi    ZIP File  English
34. 620

Certificate in Construction Supervision (Civil)  ZIP File Hindi  ZIP File English

Construction Supervision (Civil) 
35. 652 Paddy Farming ZIP File English
36. 623-723  Certificate Course in Four Wheeler Chassis Mechanisms (Motor Vahan)  ZIP File Hindi     ZIP File Urdu
37. 419 Footwear Design & Production ZIP File English
38. 420 Footwear & Design ZIP File English
39. 471 - 473 Diploma in Medical Imaging and Technology (Module 4 -6) ZIP File English
40. 421 Footwear Design & Production ZIP File English
41. 412 Secretarial Procedure ZIP File English
42. 413 Computer Application in Office ZIP File English
43. 414 Business Communication ZIP File English
44. 622

Certificate in Web Desigining and Production ZIP File English

Web Designing 
45. 716

Footwear Design & Production  Module 1 ZIP File Hindi

 Footwear Design & Production  Module 2 ZIP File  Hindi

Footwear Design & Production  Module 3 ZIP File  Hindi

46. 411

 Certificate in Care of the Elderly  (General Care And Specific Need of the Elderly) ZIP File English

47. 415

 Shorthand Writing ZIP File English

48. 430 -435

 Diploma In Radiography ZIP File English

49. 449 -450

 Certificate Course in Community Health  Theory ZIP File English   ZIP File  (Theory/Practical) Hindi

 Certificate Course in Community Health  Pratical ZIP File English

50. 713

 दु पहिया वाहन यंत्रिकी  ZIP File  Hindi  ZIP File  Urdu

Certificate in Two Wheeler Mechanism ZIP File English   

51. 721-722

 Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Therapy  ZIP File English ZIP File  Hindi

52. 718 -719

 Certificate in Homeopathic Dispensing  ZIP FileEnglish ZIP File Hindi

53. 325 - 425, 329

 Stenography  ZIP FileEnglish ZIP File Urdu

54. 326 -426

 Secreterial Practice  ZIP FileEnglish ZIP File  Hindi

55. 323 -423

 Typewriting  ZIP FileEnglish

56. 410

 Certificate in Care of the Elderly (CCE) Aspects of ageing  ZIP FileEnglish

57. 665

 Ayurveda Assistant  ZIP FileEnglish  ZIP File Hindi

58. 477

 Bio-Chemestry  ZIP FileEnglish

59. 653

 Poultry Farming  ZIP FileHindi  ZIP File English

60. 409

 Certificate in Care of the Elderly (Basic Life Sciences)  ZIP FileEnglish

61. 252

 Carpentry  ZIP FileEnglish  ZIP FileHindi

62 255

 laundry service  ZIP FileHindi

63. 256

 Bakery and Confectionery  ZIP FileEnglish ZIP File Urdu

Bakery and Confectionery 
64. 351

 Plant protection  ZIP FileEnglish

65. 357

 Catering management   ZIP FileEnglish  ZIP File Hindi

66. 362

 Soil and Fertiliger Management  ZIP FileEnglish ZIP File Hindi



  Certificate in Computer Application

68. 463

 Dress Designing (Certificate in Ladies Wear) ZIP FileEnglish  ZIP File  Hindi

69. 601,701,602,702

 Electrical_Technician ZIP FileEnglish ZIP File Hindi

70. 495,496,497,498,499

Yoga Teachers Training Programme (Hindi)ZIP File  Hindi  ZIP File English

71. 613

Certificate in Desktop Publishing ZIP File  English

72. 615

Certificate Course in Security Service ZIP File  English

73. 618

Certificate  in Mushroom Production Revised  English

74. 621

Certificate in Vermicomposting ZIP File  English   ZIP File Hindi ZIP File Urdu

75. 626

Fire Prevention and Industrial Safety  ZIP File  English

76. 628

Certificate in Indian Embroidery  ZIP File  English   ZIP FileUrdu  ZIP File Hindi

77. 632

Certificate in Data Entry Operations  ZIP File  English

78. 633

Advanced Web Designing  ZIP File  English

79. 360

 होटल फ्रंट ऑफिस ऑपरेशन  ZIP File  Hindi

80. 358

खाध संसाधन   ZIP File  Hindi

81. 324/424

आशुलिपि   ZIP File  Hindi

82. 217

Typewriting  ZIP File  Hindi

83. 608

Basic Computing  ZIP File  Hindi  ZIP File  English ZIP File Urdu

84. 667

Yoga Assistant  ZIP File

85. 322 - 422

Typewriting ZIP File Hindi

86. 356

House Keeping ZIP File Urdu

87. 436,437,438,479

Certificate Course in Library Science (Chapter Wise)

 ZIP File Hindi ZIP File English  ZIP File Practical

88. 673

Bamboo Cultivation (673) 

Non Compliance Course

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